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We offer social, emotional, mental and physical care and support.

Upon referral, we take you through a holistic assessment of your needs to provide you with a personal support plan.

Your plan will include some of the following services:

Auricular Acupuncture

Tiny needles are placed into the outer ear area for around 45 minutes to help relieve symptoms such as neuropathy, hot flushes, nausea, pain and insomnia. The treatment is based on the idea that the ear is a reflection of the whole body.

Body Massage

A gentle massage all over the body with the aim of relaxing the patient, reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, and being an overall well being treatment.

Indian Head Massage

A massage for the head, neck, face and shoulders. Just like body massage, it’s perfect for relaxation and improving sleep quality. It can also reduce muscle stiffness, prevent headaches, and promote hair growth.

HEARTS Massage

Hands on, Empathy, Aromas, Relaxation,Textures, and Sound make up our HEARTS massage therapy. It draws on a range of natural skills and sensory experiences to provide a relaxing treatment for the patient. The benefits from a HEARTS approach may help people who are anxious,in pain, or unable to sleep.

‘M’ Technique – Manual Massage

Gentle strokes along the body in a sequence to have a positive effect on the brain waves and put things back into balance.


Based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond to different areas on the body, our therapists are trained to massage these to reduce stress, relax the patient, and alleviate symptoms.


A Japanese technique that focuses on the realigning body’s chakras and channelling positive energy. Our therapist hovers their hands over the patient’s body and pulls their chakras back into sync. It’s great for relaxation, anxiety and depression.


Talking about your feelings with someone who isn’t directly involved can be very freeing and create some mental space. Family and friends often mean well, but we find clients often hold their feelings back so they don’t burden or upset their loved ones.

Counselling could also be about financial worries, employment, or how to talk to your loved ones. Sometimes, clients may have lots of questions about their situation.

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