October 2020 Update

We continue to deliver our services during these extraordinary times.  We are delivering a blended service, including telephone, video and personal meetings.  We follow strict Covid19 risk management procedures to minimise risk and are continuously training our staff to ensure we provide a safe and secure place. Rest assured, we want to support those who need our help now more than ever – but in a careful managed way.  Cancer does not go away during a virus unfortunately and our services are in continuous demand. We are recruiting more staff to help us with counselling people and are introducing a new ‘Coaching for Coping with Cancer’ service.  This is a positive, proactive personal 8 week programme for setting goals and moving forwards with life after a cancer diagnosis.
‘Since a national lockdown was introduced across the UK in March, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer screening has been suspended, routine diagnostic work deferred, and only urgent symptomatic cases prioritised for diagnostic intervention.’The Lancet August 2020.  There will be substantial increases in the number of advanced cancer tumours as a direct result of these issues in the next 12 months. All of these cases will result in emotional trauma being experienced by not just the patient, but their family, friends and work colleagues. 

We have lost most of our voluntary fundraising income this year.  We need your donations to keep our services going for next year.  We have to climb a mountain of change, but have a tsunami of need coming. 

Please help us, every donation counts and we want to provide the care and support that people affected by cancer will need tomorrow, next month and next year.

Thank you for reading this and continuing to give us your support.  You can donate via our Just Giving Page –  https://www.justgiving.com/cwcne