April 2021 – Latest Update

If you are affected from a Cancer Diagnosis, whether you are a family or friend, you are not alone, our dedicated team are all waiting to see you.


If you want Counselling, Complementary Therapy, Coaching or Acupuncture, we are now making appointments for all of our services in May.

Please ring 0191 250 2026



We have had a busy first few months into the year, training, re-assessing and increasing our skills so that we are well prepared for the year to come. As we move out of social isolation and venture back in to work and social circles, we will all need support to face the challenges and differences that a year with Covid has brought us – and face new emerging situations as
they arise.


We have made lots of plans to ensure Coping with Cancer North East is strong and flexible to lead the way with cancer support in the community. We are changing from a Charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). CIOs are similar to companies in that they can enter into contracts in their own name, and the trustees and members generally have limited
liability. We will keep our existing name, bank accounts and crucially we can continue to receive legacies left to the original charitable company. We will continue to engage with all stakeholders at our AGMs going forward.


We have expanded our team. Three new Coach Therapists, a Quality Assurance Manager and a Communications and Fundraising Officer complement our existing team, taking our total number of professional staff to over twenty. We are very optimistic about the future. We are excited to see what and how our services will develop in the coming years in response to the ever changing needs our world brings us.


We are working collaboratively with other VCSE organisations who support people impacted by cancer in their lives. We are passionate about developing new partnerships to enable clients to find all the services they need to improve their quality of living. We are actively working with the Northern Cancer Alliance and other statutory teams in both the NHS and Local Authorities to support people in the North of England.