Coping with Cancer through Covid

Our client lives in Durham but has chosen to remain anonymous.


I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and as a result received treatment which affected my hormones leading to the side effect of hot flushes and sweats.

I tried various remedies to try and ease the flushes, but nothing worked. It was in February 2020, at the Freeman where I received my treatment, where my radiologist recommended I try Auricular Acupuncture at Coping with Cancer.

Getting help

I received 2 sessions with Coping with Cancer before Covid however these were stopped in March 2020 due to lockdown. It was in September 2021 that contact was resumed and in October I restarted the Auricular Acupuncture sessions. I had 6 sessions with Linda which took me to December.

I knew that group sessions were available for the Acupuncture however individual sessions was a better route for me as I felt it allowed me to sit and relax more effectively.

Moving forward

The Auricular Acupuncture improved my situation a good deal, it helped both my hot flushes and back pain that I was suffering from. It was good to know that I did not have to worry about side effects in the way I would have if I was taking medicine which I was pleased with.

Linda was great and I was treated very well by her during the 6 sessions I received. I really enjoyed that hour of treatment and felt relaxed. Linda was always prompt and there was no waiting around which really helped to put me at ease.

You are not alone.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a cancer diagnosis don’t be afraid to contact us on 0191 250 2026 or email at