All you need to know

Coping with Cancer can be isolating and overwhelming, but you are not alone.

Our counsellors here at Coping with Cancer offer a warm, supportive, and non-judgmental environment to allow you to the space to express how you are feeling and reflect on your situation.

They also aid in helping you to find what coping skills work best to help you to cope with a cancer diagnosis or loss.

Counselling could also be about financial worries, employment, or how to talk to your loved ones. Sometimes, clients may have lots of questions about their situation.

Two women talking at a table

Talking about your feelings with someone who is not directly involved can be very freeing and create some mental space. Family and friends often mean well, but we find clients often hold their feelings back, so they don’t burden or upset their loved ones.

Here at Coping with Cancer it is important to us that a safe space is created so that you feel comfortable enough to express your thoughts and feelings.

The counsellors at Coping with Cancer use a person-centered approach, so that the session is led by the client and not directed by the counsellor. The counsellor and the client are equals rather than an expert treating a patient.

This allows the client to realise the resources and support that are available which they can use to work through their own issues and build confidence. It also allows the client to discover their own abilities so that they can cope with current and future problems.