Glyn and his  journey to Coping with Cancer


I was first diagnosed in late 2019. I had no symptoms, and it was only after falling whilst fixing my shed that I sought advice from my GP.

I had an ache in my side from the fall that didn’t feel right and after seeing my doctor he sent me for an x-ray to discover that not only did I have an old fracture in my side, I had a white lump in my left lung.

From this I received a CT scan, and the lump was nothing to worry about. The scan did however pick up a cancer mass in my stomach, which really was something to worry over.


In 2019 I received Chemotherapy, after a stomach cancer diagnosis, at the Wansbeck Hospital. I received 4 cycles before my operation. I then underwent an Oesophagectomy to remove my stomach and esophagus in July 2019.

After my operation I had 3 more cycles of chemotherapy. I was originally meant to have 4 then 4 more but I discussed with my doctor if the last round was totally necessary as I was finding it more difficult to cope.

Thankfully he said it was not and I have now been clear for 3 years.

Getting help

I received my chemotherapy at Wansbeck, and it was there I seen reflexology being carried out on another patient. I made an enquiry and got myself booked in with a complementary therapist from Coping with Cancer.

The reflexology was great and really helped me to relax, it helped with the side effects from my cancer treatment alongside easing the pain from another condition in my feet.

After the reflexology I asked if I could return to Coping with Cancer for another treatment and had Auricular Acupuncture sessions.

Normally I am an overthinker, but the acupuncture sessions helped to lessen this, it allowed me to calm down and worry less which I am so grateful for.

Moving Forward

Since receiving complementary therapies from Coping with Cancer I recommend them to everyone I know who has been affected by cancer.

I think the treatments that the charity offers are great and the work they do is fantastic.

I just want to help them spread the word so they can help as many people as possible.

You are not alone

If you or someone you love has been affected by a cancer diagnosis don’t be afraid to contact us on 0191 250 2026 or email at

You can also self refer through our form here: