Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage is an ancient technique which has been practiced in India for over 2000 years. The practice is based on encouraging the body’s natural healing powers, balancing the body, mind and spirit.

How it Works

Indian head massage is a technique which involves massaging the neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp, and face.

The skull is covered with a thin layer of muscle which tightens when someone is feeling tense and can be the cause of headaches and feelings of anxiety. An Indian head massage aims to relieve this tension to improve blood flow and promote relaxation throughout the body.

This treatment begins on the upper back and shoulders, it continues up the neck and over the scalp and is completed with a soothing facial massage. The person can remain fully clothed for the massage and can remain in a seated position.

Indian Head Massage - Coping With Cancer

How it Helps

An Indian head massage is beneficial to anyone affected by cancer, including family, friends and carers.

  • Pain and stress relief
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve joint mobility and circulation
  • Improve the stimulation of follicles which can also help promote healthy hair growth

IHM is also perfect for relaxation, headaches and improving sleep quality which can all be affected when coping with cancer.