Jane’s Story – Staying positive during a cancer diagnosis


It was 2020 when I received my diagnosis, my routine mammogram had been postponed from March to the 5th of August 2020 due to covid. From my mammogram I received the news that I had a small tumour in my breast duct. This came as no surprise as cancer runs in my family and so I was very pragmatic about the situation and didn’t fall apart.

However, it was when I went to the Oncology clinic (after surgery in September 2020), I found a sample sent off showed that there was a 37% likelihood of recurrence. This hit me like a ton of bricks as I thought the surgery had cured it, though may need radiotherapy.


From this I went on from Oncology to receive chemotherapy, which I dreaded; I was terrified. I had a very rough time and ended up contracting neutropenic sepsis days after first round leading me to admission to Cramlington hospital. I was in there for 5 days as my body had infected itself, my bowels having gone completely haywire. Due to this infection my chemotherapy was reduced in my second round, and I received injections to boost my white blood cells.

However, this also put me back into hospital in January 2021.  I was reacting badly to all the drugs and Oncology stopped it as unsafe. After Chemo was stopped I had radiotherapy. Then I was put onto a 5-year hormonal treatment plan which did not help my situation at all, I did not feel like myself, had no physical energy and the inability to think straight and a lot of other symptoms.

Jane during her treatment - 'I always kept in mind how important it was to stay positive!'

Getting help

I knew something needed to change and it was on consulting my breast nurse that Coping with Cancer was recommended to me.

I first received Auricular Acupuncture from Sarah, who I can’t thank enough, it was amazing. I received my Acupuncture in a group setting with two other women and that was brilliant, it lifted my spirits more than anything previously. It really was the best part, having the chance to sit with likeminded people and discuss what we were going through. Due to Covid this was something I had never had the chance to do, until I got to Coping with Cancer.

I then went onto receive Reflexology from Beth. When it came to the reflexology I was skeptical to begin with, but it really was the most relaxing thing, and it has done huge amounts for me.

Moving forward

I really can’t fault Coping with Cancer I can only thank them, they have lifted my spirits out of a bad time.

If anyone is thinking about reaching out I would say absolutely 100% come along. Take the most of what is on offer. Coping with Cancer have given me a reason to get out of the house, providing me with a lifeline during lockdown, something which has benefitted me largely.

You are not alone.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a cancer diagnosis don’t be afraid to contact us on 0191 250 2026 or email at info@copingwithcancer.org.uk.