The ‘M’ Technique


The ‘M’ Technique was developed by Dr Jane Buckle and has been used since 1994. It works on the skin receptor sites that send signals to the brain.

How it Works

It is different from a traditional massage in three ways:

  1. This technique uses a set pressure and is slow and steady. The pressure remains the same throughout the massage which differs to a traditional massage whereby pressure and speed is altered dependent on the situation.
  2. Every stroke is repeated three times. The massage is made up of a  repetition of strokes, this is to build confidence and reduce anxiety.
  3. The ‘M’ technique follows a set structure. It is never modified, and each movement and sequence are done in a distinctive pattern.

Dr Jane Buckle found that this massage technique allows touch to be put back into health care.

How it helps

The ‘M’ technique is useful for those whose skin is too sensitive for the pressure that is used in a normal body massage. It helps to promote relaxation and allows everyone the comfort of touch.

It can be used to relax your body and mind, relieve tension and improve your mood.

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