Marie’s Story – Experiencing Auricular Acupuncture


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 6 years ago. Then in February last year my bladder failed, and I was unable to pass urine. It was first thought to be due to the previous treatment that I received for my cervical cancer. After some investigation it was discovered that it was not due to previous treatment and was actually a recurrence of my cancer which was now in my cervix, bladder, and lymph nodes. I was able to be taken in to hospital as an emergency due to the swelling I was experiencing and from there I went straight to the oncology ward on the Freeman.

Getting Help

It was a nurse specialist at the Freeman who referred me to Coping with Cancer as she had heard about Auricular Acupuncture and its benefits for helping to ease hot flushes. Before coming along for the treatment, I had no clue what Auricular Acupuncture was, but I was ready to try anything that could help so was immediately interested.

Sarah was the therapist who completed my treatments, and she was brilliant, she was absolutely lovely. It was like to speaking to a friend and I was gutted when my sessions were completed.

I received my treatments in a group session which was invaluable as it created a space for us to speak and chat about our experiences.

The treatment has helped me massively, it has worked wonders and has significantly reduced my hot flushes, they are nothing like before. Whilst Sarah was doing my treatment she explained what she was doing and how it helps. It really helped me receiving this treatment as it was lovely to be in an environment that allowed me a respite whilst waiting for scans.

Moving Forward

The treatment I received has been life changing, it has helped me emotionally, physically, and mentally. Coping with Cancer really helped me through a horrendous journey.

Every Step of the Way

If you or someone you love has been affected by a cancer diagnosis don’t be afraid to contact us on 0191 250 2026 or email at