Andree specialises in auricular acupuncture and massage at South Tyneside Hospital, Sunderland Royal and the QE. She’s been with us since 2015 after completing her Foundation Degree.

“I left nursing and started a beauty therapy course. After qualifying and then teaching it for eight years, I moved to a managerial role, but it took me further away from the hands-on work. I saw an advert for Coping with Cancer after moving to Newcastle and loved that I could use my massage and nursing skills in one job.”

After taking care of multiple family members living with cancer, Andree has ample experience of how complementary therapies can help with the emotional and physical symptoms.

“The appreciation from the clients, no matter how small the treatment is, is amazing – they’re so grateful and lovely. You know you’re doing something nice and making someone feel great. It’s just the best job in the world. I certainly feel more chilled! I practice a lot of mindfulness which I can bring to the client’s treatment too, it’s lovely.”