Linda works at Sunderland Royal Hospital four days per week and specialises in auricular acupuncture [link to treatment article]. She’s been with us for 15 years.

“The acupuncture groups are brilliant; they talk about anything and everything. You wouldn’t believe the giggling going on in that room!”

From seeing friends and neighbours deal with cancer while she was growing up, Linda has had plenty of personal experience with the condition.

“Years ago, cancer was terrifying. Nowadays you hear of more and more people living with it and after it. I went to be a nurse and worked in a hospice for a while, but I couldn’t turn off from the job when I got home. When saw Coping with Cancer advertised, I started as a volunteer then went on to have a paid staff job.”

“I’m doing such a small act but helping people so much, it’s very rewarding. It makes a big impact in peoples’ lives.”

Linda’s family member had complementary treatments while he was dealing with cancer. Many family members struggle to see their friends or family in hospital, but one of our relaxation treatments [link to treatment article] can help ease their symptoms.

“It can be hard when people get quite ill, but it’s a good feeling that we can make them feel the best they can with a treatment.

“Cancer can rob people of their control, but I always say to people it’s entirely up to you – they’re in control of that one thing. It’s an important option to give people.”