Maggie has been Chief Executive Officer of Coping with Cancer since August 2019. Founded 38 years ago, the charity has been providing complementary therapies and counselling in hospitals throughout the North East region.  All services support people with cancer through emotional, mental, social, physical and practical services

“I like to use the 3 Ps rule – people, process, promotion. And, more importantly, the development of the charity. I’m making sure it grows, finding new sources of income, ensuring we have a sustainable income going forward, that we’re well networked, and that we’re in a position to expand as the need for cancer support services grows.”

Previously, Maggie has set up four companies and made the decision to work in the third sector 15 years ago. She has a lot of passion to drive the change which is required for the charity. Our staff are undergoing new training courses to complement their skills, new processes are being put in place, and our records are currently being digitalised. Coping with Cancer will also be moving to new offices in the near future.

“I’m eager to move the organisation forward. Staff have all been given a pay rise. It’s being mindful that they’re all rewarded, managed and supported to do so. When you stay stagnant, you end up falling behind.”

Maggie has a personal experience with cervical cancer, after being diagnosed at just 25 years old. 10 years later, it reoccurred. Just two years ago, Maggie discovered she had bowel cancer after a bout of diverticulitis. Thankfully, it was caught early each time.

Last year we gave almost 3000 sessions of complementary therapies and counselling to our clients. We’re looking forward to providing even more in 2020!