Reiki is a Japanese technique that focuses on the realigning of the body’s chakras and channeling positive energy.

Chakras are the energy fields in and around someones body which the therapist can change and balance through light touch or hovering over the body. The word Chakra originates from the language Sanskrit and means “wheel of life”.

Chakras are energy points found at seven places within the body:

  • 1st = The Root, located at the bottom of the spine.
  • 2nd = The Sacral, located below the naval
  • 3rd = The Solar Plexus, located below the chest
  • 4th = The Heart, located in the centre of the chest
  • 5th = The Throat, located at the centre of the neck
  • 6th = The Third Eye, located in the centre of the forehead
  • 7th = The Crown, located at the top of the head
Reiki - Coping with Cancer

How it Works

During the treatment the therapist hovers their hands over the client’s body and pulls their chakras back into sync. The therapist will work from head to toe to encourage emotional and physical healing. For this treatment the person remains fully clothed.

How it Helps

The aim of reiki is to relax, ease stress and tension and increase wellbeing.

It is useful to those who are undergoing cancer treatment as it can be used alongside treatment to help a person to feel:

  • Relaxed
  • Cope with difficult situations
  • Improve overall wellbeing
  • Relieve emotional stress and tension
Reiki - Coping with Cancer